"In order to eliminate the war, for the happiness of the Japanese"


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"In order to eliminate the war, for the happiness of the Japanese"

What can you do in order to eliminate the war.
Having a belief that eliminating the first war. Does not matter or thing of how much personal power at this time.
People affect humans.
Such atmosphere to propagate around if the iffy my position and thinking ". Because not that individuals are affected". So nothing born.
That he is to clarify the position that ". To eliminate war" First would be a great step to take to group If you think regardless, such as objects or how to be able to myself, that we should be. I started to think specifically in doing so, to know my ignorance gradually, to gather information, to talk with people the topic, it is possible to talk and constructive people around naturally and repeat the cycle.

There is no sense in your criticism only. What constructive discussions positive and there is a need.
As a result of know you "know" it is very important, and bad in this state, it's that one of the action to cause criticize. A result of the criticism, it is not may be able to drag down the event and the people. But policy and concrete idea if it is not been determined then, never to improve.
Conversely, Moshimo voluntarily many people "know", and pulled the lively discussion spontaneously, the plan is automatically draft better than a concrete nature and out, the majority of people if support it and thus to be executed.
In order to prevent it from going bad direction, in order to change the status quo, it is necessary precisely in force positive put out without it in the "critical", a good idea of ​​"supporting" it.
Democracy is not intended to be expected to dismissed deny it if there is a complaint, just next would be a better place. Democracy thing for you to know that every one should know, so as to overlap the lively discussion, will continue to run it by issuing a constructive idea forward-looking concrete. Political power of politicians in which political power of the people is reflected as it is, it can not also be a more even less.
Here this person is bad. Country is spoiled, our lives will be ruined. Rather, I should be better over here is would be good, these people or not it be better the country, these people are in, it would be to improve life than this.
However, people who keep writing or criticism of status quo politicians and on the net not bad. What they do so, those who do not know is because too many. If too many people are not even aware of the problem, that you first inform is the top priority. Can not be expected, such as discussion. So it becomes the critical one-sided. Most people if you know such a thing has been criticized now, then the discussion can be among people who are questioned with nature. People that the only criticism is not their opponents, who can talk a positive nature and remains in that situation.

Rather than negative criticism and, to improve the things it is a good plan to be generated from it and forward-looking discussion.
And to make it happen I just consciousness of one person.

The majority of the people is if you wish specifically to do something, it will be realized.
The effort that has the belief many people of eliminating the war much of the world, to know for the specific implementation, you can do an active discussion. How much know each other, you can do coordination and improve by credit without fear. It took on the number of people.
The stage will be required to actively all over the world it. Country who can not even read their own character often must raise the literacy rate. It is not possible to '10 after a difficult person, that you live that day also think about 100 years later. Can and disarmament is not in a state in which the neighboring countries are poised weapons aimed at the life of his now future neighbors. You can not even stand on the starting point to think about international issues If you can not improve it. And they not only be left behind, and thus to stay on side that is exploited as it is.
Now, there is a gap between countries. It has become a form of exploitation automatically from somewhere in the country is said rich countries, poor and without exception. That's one aspect of the current "money economy". Country that is said to be the rich should help as soon as possible to improve the education system and strengthening of food self-sufficiency power of poor countries first. And you must move away from a situation where no choice but to rely on those who have-nots can have. It is not the case you are saying, "those who do not make an effort's poor wealth of each country because it reflects the efforts of each country have it coming.. Does not matter for me" or. I was at a time when the entire benefit of mankind is directly linked to the interests of the individual. If that reason poor countries are poor does not make an effort, you want Ayume in that direction to think rich countries or will be able to strive for rather than just give, you become rich on their own poor countries independently what if We need the depth of the pocket much lend the power to. It is necessary to shake off the ill-advised desire that his trying to get it soaking in ignorance.
It's not that other countries must be poor for their country become rich.

It is a country that thought a lot of people to know advanced, what the can is first country for world peace by a lively discussion Japan among rich countries, can be strong world that set a precedent in action . And, countries should take the leadership when between countries gather for the common goal of creating a world peace is Japan.
Japan is also the West Orient also come to experience the culture of the whole body both. To open the country to undergo a revolution peacefully, to learn in other countries in a rapid pace, economic competition also ran through the front lines fighting, the modern world war to abandon the war and then at the forefront. I have experience of times rich and poor era. Entered into friendly relations with many countries on it, it's one of the countries that are credit to many countries in the world. Culture of food in the world's leading, one of the world's top country for longevity. National character that respect the "sum" on it. Mind to accept the other. Attitude in the country you have dropped the only atomic bomb, that will Ikaso for peace that experience is valued from all over the world. And now, the world is paying attention to the trends in response to the accident of the nuclear power plant.
No other country as do not think the power of current first, should take leadership in order to compete around the world hands for peace far to see objectively. The history and status even though suggests it up to here, the blurt out "the power to there is not. In Japan today" or not is nothing other than the graces.

Current state of the Japanese now what about on it. Say complaining about poor politician, do not trust, that there is no political power to the people as well as any country, any time around the world. But I want to say this clearly.
Political power of politicians in the country are directly reflects the political power of the people of the country. There is nothing ways to improve the current situation unexpectedly to each person raise awareness. Considering the happiness of people in 100 years unit temporarily, given the overall happiness in the world, happiness of the people, the happiness of the individual, to think in the same way that the people and things of their own, for the happiness of the people and their even have politicians to want to use the life, if there is no ready to understand people to hear it, and to enrich economically the people more than anyone else for five years ahead with exploitation from other countries to consider their own interests Te, politicians such as the land of barren land area to win in the 20 years. It is self-evident.

That it is raising awareness Japan is as a nation that takes the leadership for peace is directly linked to the well-being of the Japanese people.
Currently, happiness index is not very high in spite the rich economically, people dissatisfied with the country more than a few in Japan.
For some reason. Is it not because not able to way of life that many people with dignity and purpose in life. When you have young people and look unreliable, Would not it because on the idea of ​​working people to choose to live for one's life with the belief that to find what you want to do on your own is less. As a result only be stressful, demand entertainment of the kind doctor unproductive rises to the limit for the divergence, where profit was born and flows intensively on the country the enemy one of the few Japan.
It's ambition to persevere at the risk of life If you decide the strength of the Japanese would do with "guts", go to the road very endlessly nothing happened. (. "Tremendous and Japan" that I want you to read this article by all means about the rationale.)
If each and every individual in the country is recognized as national policy clearly that it is to world peace, and to smile a lot of people by eliminating the war, myself as an individual is because of their own happiness ..... on it Will it be how happy When you are able to decide what you want to do with my life on that thought the happiness of others, to live while continuing extremely its way to thrive it with conviction. From the status quo who are not can also way of life you want to live a life of society the current situation is not possible, you can not satisfied with the status quo, young people to demonstrate the strength of the Japanese-specific because of that. Increasing dramatically the happiness index Japan and at the same time bring out the strengths ethnic to let have a purpose in life to them, Japan is taking the leadership for world peace, the passion of independence in the true sense of the country It is poured into it by the boost, to increase the richness of the whole human race and at the same time eliminate the war, we would be happy even more richness of a single individual is further enhanced as a result. Entertainment rational and productive nature is now preferred in the process, working hours of the individual is also reduced significantly.
Japanese while complain, rather than continue to slump to give up, this is the person would not good.

This is a selfish one person ignorant of the tiny.
I want to shout out loud in agreement with self-indulgence.
To friends all over the world. Let Nigiro a hand under the friendship and trust by Rikaishia~tsu for peace and happiness.
To fellow Japanese. In order to enjoy life together, in order to live with a purpose in life, of other countries in order to make people happy that I want to protect and each other, even more than ever it inspired for the happiness and peace around the world Japan to get used to sample, Japan or do not we take a leadership that someone must take to transition phase to Moteru awareness is high all over the world.

I want to say selfish simply because it is ignorance.
For that I know more better, to learn together as a team, all you need to enjoy together the story positive constructive. Casual chat everyday rather than just talk and entertainment celebrities and TV, I want you to become a hot topic with a dream or be happy if more people and the world and myself if. And he may be the one that better politics of the country as a result even without timed its casual fun time.

You do not see such a dream together.
Mood does not change and when it says that the "over rare. Fingers and this person to play tag" as a child.
I'll send a fun life together as a team! !

It is glad to share if courtesy of making empathy-if. I think you were me reading this long sentence person think that has a positive consciousness you are interested in such problems. People are not interested in such a thing will not read me. But even if I think ". No. Relationship What is this" when we first saw. It might be me thinking, "Hmm,. That I feel many people recently to think things like that are" and if you get in your eyes for the second time. Third time may be able to think like ". Wonder if decided to the old war Japan war why. Wonder if going on over there now why come to think of it". You can not the number of people increased, to stop the flow of Japanese emphasis on it by sensitively detect the flow of the whole once more than half. There is hope out there. Thank you for your consideration diffusion of information.

The current state of Japan today, the issue of nuclear power plant, for constitutional revision, several days after consists Tsurezure and that I think in my own US-Japan relations and TPP, genetically modified foods, daytime problems, South Korea, North Korea, for example, Taiwan We would let us write leave.
We will write to the mercy of nature and things that I thought suddenly in the journey, as well as for happiness.
Nice to meet you in the future.