Dear my friends

kento itoh kimono



I have been traveling all over the world for 6 years.

The reason why I started world travel was because I wanted to find the way I could deal with environmental issues.


I had a dream since when I was a little kid.

I wanted to be a astronaut.

Dreaming to travel space and see many beautiful and mysterious things.

But when I started studying “the circulation of air in the space” at university, I realized how great ecosystem the earth has.

And I thought It’s really strange how the human manage the best place to live in the boundless space.

Since then, I decided to do something to deal with environmental issues.


But, I didn’t know what I could do because I haven’t seen the situation of the planet.

So I decided to go around the world to see as much as I can.


I could see so many things and I could meet so many great people.

Until now I have been writing my travel stories in Japanese, hoping to help people to start thinking about the bigger picture.

I now realize that writing solely in Japanese wouldn't allow me to communicate with my friends from all over the world whom I love very much.

That is why from now on I will try to write in English as well, in order to keep in touch with people from all around the globe in hopes to spread happiness, and encourage others to care for the world that we live in.


Thank you.